From high fives and handshakes to the occasional hug, there are many ways to greet your friends. However, actor Channing Tatum is taking things a (weird) step further by introducing "the dick graze."

Tatum spits over a staccato drum beat with bubbly synth sound effects -- we think it was likely produced by Diplo since he makes a cameo in the visual -- and details the latest "handshake between gentlemen." Basically the graze occurs when one guy brushes his hand across another guy's crotch area.

"Give a pound or a shake / But that's played out / So you get a little close / And let that dick graze," he raps on the first verse.

As awkward as this gets, Jillian Bell, Tatum's co-star in the new film '22 Jump Street,' enters the equation with the female equivalent: "the tit graze."

So as the video progresses, all you see is Tatum and Bell groping men and women's private parts. The clip commences when Bell grabs Tatum nether regions a bit too hard.

Check out 'The Dick Graze' above and be prepared (or worried) for this one to catch on.