Chance the Rapper's month-long Social Experiment Tour finally made its way to his hometown of Chicago on Thanksgiving night (Nov. 28). The fans at the Riviera Theater got a treat, which is a title that can be given to any new Chance the Rapper material.

The Chi-City rapper performed a new song for the venue, and what made it more of a treat is how it sounds like it builds off the materials that made 'Acid Rap' such a standout mixtape. There's an undeniable melody within Chance's delivery, easily decodable and direct lyricism.

"My principal told me I couldn't rap at his show / Then I rapped at his show / Simple as that / Got a complex from Complex off of the simplest rap," he spits.

It's all backed by a floaty, but sticky instrumental that really gets blood-pumping as he hits his hook. It's so good that it's painful, because it isn't known when Chance the Rapper will put out his next project.

On a brighter note, the untitled song does show there will be bigger things in store in 2014 for one of rap's most interesting newcomers.

After an extension, the Social Experiment Tour will continue until Dec. 18 when Chance the Rapper performs at San Francisco, Calif.