During a trip to New York City for a performance at SOB's, Chance the Rapper took time to slide through Power 105's The Breakfast Club show and give Angela Yee, DJ Envy and Charlemagne tha God some updates on his career and what he's been up to as of late.

Chance gave a history lesson for those unfamiliar with his resume, shedding light on his first mixtape, 10 Day, which he recorded while on suspension from school -- he was caught with weed. This led Charlemagne to jokingly ask him why he didn't pass the trees to his friend, Donnie Trumpet, who immediately refuted the "weed-carrier" notion.

Angela Yee admitted that she started checking for Chance in large part due to the hype surrounding his Lollapalooza performance and his appearance on the XXL Freshman cover. She also brought up the apparent awkwardness that occurred between him and Troy Ave at the shoot for the cover -- he also appeared on the cover and seemed to have a beef with Chance. The latter claims that there's no real friction and chalks it up to them being unfamiliar with each other and their motives.

Chance's childhood friend and Save Money cronie, Vic Mensa, was also part of the conversation -- they were both part of the band, Kids These Days. Now they're progressing from local hopefuls to national sensations.

Before the conversation comes to an end, the Chicago native touched on how it's easier to quit smoking weed than cigarettes, as well as giving a few details on his upcoming project, Surf. The inspiration for the title comes from the California lingo for things being "wavey," which he compares to the project's sound.

Watch Chance the Rapper open up on his career and personal thoughts with The Breakfast Club above.

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