Chance the Rapper is showing folks that you don’t need a big budget to create something visually spectacular on social media. The Chicago native recently dropped a new video on Twitter for his song “How Great” featuring Jay Electronica and his cousin Nicole.

The ingenious clip, shot entirely in black and white on an iPhone, features Chano and Jay Elect rapping spiritual rhymes of upliftment. The only gripe is that you will have to bend your neck to watch because it wasn’t shot in landscape mode for some unknown reason.

Chance reportedly had some hesitation of releasing the video for fear that people would hate the visual. But this is hardly the case. If anything, up-and-coming rappers should take note and realize that you can produced a decent video with some ingenuity and a smartphone or tablet.

It’s Chance’s uncommercial style and independent spirit that makes the “How Great” video and his latest album, The Coloring Book, such a fantastic project of 2016. Also, on another note, it’s always good to see Jay Electronica spitting bars again. And yes, we are still waiting for that album, Jay Elect.

Check out Chance the Rapper’s video above.