Chance the Rapper's 'Acid Rap' mixtape has received critical and fan acclaim in 2013, but few supporters know about his work before the hype. Two mixtapes -- 'Good Enough' and 'Back to School Pack' -- have been unearthed and showcase the rapper's early talents.

A fan found the musical stash on Chance's old Facebook page. "enjoy, i'm a huge chance fan and it's cool as hell hearing his real old sh*t like this so i thought y'all would like to hear it too. there's actually some good sh*t on those mixtapes," said Lavmar on Reddit.

"Who do you call when your dreams don't call back? But being famous supposed to solve that," Chance muses on the track 'Good Enough.'

The tapes offer the beginnings of the melodic, weirdo lyricist we've come to know and love. "I want a letterman jacket so bad that it hurts...I go to school just to get picked on... They hate me because I'm different," the Chicago native laments on the ode to unpopularity 'Doctor Oz.' "Love from my peers. You know? The whole package... That comes with the letterman jacket."

With famous friends like Madonna and James Blake, Chance doesn't have to worry about being looked over anymore.

The rhymer is currently on his Social Experiment Tour, which hits Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles on dates through the end of this month.

Take a trip back and stream both tapes below.