Chamillionaire had such faith that the Pittsburgh Steelers would win the Super Bowl that he promised to deliver a free song if they lost to the Green Bay Packers. After putting his money on the Pennsylvania team and subsequently losing, the fast-spitting rapper made good on his word by releasing a free track dubbed 'After the Super Bowl,' a freestyle over Waka Flocka Flame's 'No Hands.'

Cham doesn't take the loss lightly, tossing jabs at the winners and bigging up his team of choice. "Never seen losers in yellow and black/ And they call them the Packers 'cause they gon' pack/ Know what I mean? Told her green, they gon' be the losing team/ Only thing that me and Green Bay got in common is the green," he spits.

The tune, which sounds as if it was recorded before the Packers' win, sees the Texan coaxing some girls to chill and watch the big game. "You should gon' and bring some partners through and we can chill after the Super Bowl/ Super Bowl/ Maybe me and you can kick it for a few after the Packers lose."

Cham announced his bet on Saturday, taking to his Twitter account to let fans know that stakes were high. "Ok its a bet. Packers win ill release another song after game. Steelers win yall have to buy this AGAIN!!!" he originally tweeted. "Maaaaaaaaaan I cant believe I lost!!!!!!! Here is your song you dweebs.....," he later conceded.

Listen to Chamillionaire's 'After the Super Bowl'