Houston rapper Chamillionaire, known for sounding off on touchy topics like racial profiling and recent media attacks on hip-hop through the track 'Hip Hop Police,' appeared on CNN's 'Larry King Live' Monday night via satellite to give his opinion on Don Imus' return to radio, just eight months after calling the Rutgers women's basketball team "nappy-headed hos."

"I think that everybody agrees that Don Imus should not be shot execution style for what he did," Chamillionaire said on CNN. "You can say you're sorry but there still has to be some kind of punishment ... I've yet to see the real punishment. He wouldn't have been fired if there was nothing wrong. The Rutger's girls still have to deal with what he said. It's changed their lives."

Chamillionaire also believes that the controversy helped Imus' career, giving the shock jock more buzz than he had before insulting the Rutgers team.

"Every time I do an interview, I'm forced to talk about Don Imus," the rapper said. "To where before I wouldn't have known who he was ... If there was something I can say right now on CNN; get banned from my recording contact, come back and be larger than life; then tell me what it is and I'll say it right now ... We're promoting Don Imus right now by being here."