In this week's round-up of the Top Five Tweets of the Week, Chamillionaire says he's not the Illuminati, Drake reaches a million followers and speaks on Lil Wayne's return, Rhymefest goes at Waka Flocka, radio host Charlamange Tha God analyzes the Lil Kim/Nicki Minaj beef, and Mia X tweets about the effects of botox.

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1. @chamillionaire (Chamillionaire): Everytime I type saying into my iPhone my autocorrect tries to turn it to satin. I hope yall don't think I'm illuminati now. Ha.

2. @drakkardnoir (Drake): They got me really bout to do this mill on twitter. I am humbled...that's luv...A million copies sold. A million followers...Listening to that new Wayne...I'm still such a fan...when he gets home its over for YOU...yes you...and you too.

3. @Rhymefest (Rhymefest): just saw Waka Flaka Hard in the paint video, WOW! Scary stuff. I get it I wonder if he does. He's showing us why we're endangered species...I'm not criticizing Waka but I just read a report that said 46 percent of Black men graduate from Highschool "go hard in a book N----"

4. @chthagod (Charlamange): Watching Nicki Minaj brings me joy...Nicki is the finest female rapper of all time. Tell me I'm lying...Lil Kim made all that fuss about Nicki and didn't back it up with nothing. No mixtape, no EP, not even a single. What was the point?

5. @TheRealMiaX (Mia X): Eating my salad watching tv n wondering y botox makes ppl look like the joker is their dad? I'ma just let my face get old...Now if they make a botox shot that will make u look like Lena Horne did stick me up! LOL I never thought the jokers face was cute especially on girls.