2010 has been a comeback year for Cee Lo, and it looks like his current momentum will carry into 2011 with a performance at the upcoming Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. The Goodie Mob and Gnarls Barkley member will take the stage to perform 'F--- You' -- his smash viral hit that is up for several Grammy nominations.

Certainly, one of the biggest issues with the performance is the song's profanity. While it violates FCC regulations to drop an f-bomb on the air, the word is an integral part of the track's success. Cee Lo is apparently willing to make a compromise for the families watching. The song is already familiar by its cleaner title, 'Forget You.'

"At this point it is a privilege to perform either of the versions," he recently told The BoomBox. Interestingly enough, the explicit version of the track has been viewed 28 million times on YouTube, while the clean version boasts just under 2 million views. "...Of course I prefer the original," Cee Lo adds. "I'm an adult, I prefer adult entertainment, but just about everybody will be watching the Grammys so I'll do the one that's appropriate for everyone, which is probably the cleaner one."

You can catch Cee Lo's performance during the 53rd Grammy Awards when it airs on CBS Feb. 13 at 8PM EST. His new album, 'The Lady Killer,' is in stores now.