Cee Lo Green may be a self-proclaimed 'Lady Killer,' but he actually killed any possible chance of getting with Kelly Rowland (if there ever was any to begin with) after laying it on way too thick in an interview with the former Destiny's Child member on his Fuse TV talk show, 'Talking to Strangers.'

Admittedly, Kelly's moves in her latest video, 'Motivation,' are enough to get anyone hot and bothered, but Cee Lo's admiration for the singer went a little beyond celeb-crush status. "I've been watching you ... keeping tabs on you, who you were dating at the time, what your taste was," Cee Lo revealed to Kelly during their one-on-one Q&A.

"I know you wear a size 2," he added as Kelly began to fan herself with her cue cards and look off-camera (for help?). Despite her attempt to play it cool, Kelly's stunned face, uncomfortable body language and verbal reactions like, "Lord, have mercy!" illustrated that she was clearly freaked out by the 'F--- You' singer's stalker-like comments.

Cee Lo recently admitted that he is homeless and was a klepto and pyromaniac in the past. Forget 'Lady Killer,' Cee Lo can add "Lady Creeper" to his resume after this interview!

Watch Cee Lo Green's Interview With Kelly Rowland

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