Singer Cassie is becoming more popular for her antics and personal life than her music. In the latest chapter of her life, the 22-year-old singer showed off her new half-shaved head via her Twitter page. The Connecticut native posted several pictures donning her new dew over the weekend. She also wrote that the motivation behind the new look is that she is on "rock star status."

Many of Cassie's friends, such as longtime collaborator and rumored fling Sean "Diddy" Combs praised the new look. "You did do it, I love it. Dare to be different," he wrote on her page. Other celebrities like Lauren London, who appears with Cassie in several Sean Jean women's ads applauded her longtime friend whom she affectionately calls her sister." Only my sis can rock a style THAT bold and be that beautiful doing it! Love it!"

Aside from the accolades there were some bad reviews, like the one from rapper Fabolous who seemed utterly confused by her new look. "Did anyone see Cassie's new haircut??? I jus don't know what's going on anymore," he wrote. "Not [the] worst thing but it's like [for] what? She's a pretty girl, gorgeous hair....goes to show you women are never satisfied." Fab also questioned if her haircut is merely a publicity stunt.

Despite both her critics and supporters, Cassie insists that her choice was 100 percent authentic and posted another message on her Twitter pages yesterday. "They ask why? Because I woke up and felt like it!"

The singer is currently working on her second album, and recently released the single 'Must Be Love,' featuring Diddy.

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