After reportedly being arrested for his involvement in a string of murders last weekend, Philadelphia, Penn. rapper Cassidy has been released from jail, and has clarified the charges against him.

In an interview with Philly radio personality DJ Cosmic Kev, the 'I'm a Hustla' rapper revealed that he had merely violated his probation by failing to check in with his parole officer.

"I'm still on probation from the situation I dealt with about six, seven years ago," Cassidy said, further explaining that a recent warrant was issued in Pennsylvania, while he currently resides in New Jersey. "That's why the police brought the whole SWAT team."

In 2005, Cassidy was sentenced to 11 to 23 months in prison for a first-degree murder charge of one of his best friends, but told Cosmic Kev that the new murder charge shocked him.

"I wasn't even sure what I was charged with," Cassidy explained. "They bringing the whole SWAT team out, they talkin' about 'I'm on maximum security,' 'I'm armed and dangerous.' I was confused and if I know if I was confused, the people in the streets were definitely confused."

While Cassidy never overtly denied that he had been charged with the murder, he has revealed that he plans to focus on recording and releasing new music in the near future.

"Since I'm home feeling good... I'm dropping some new music tomorrow [sic]," Cassidy wrote. "Since my name in N----s mouth, why not.. It's about to get ugly."

Watch Cassidy's 'My Drink N My 2 Step'
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