Carolina Hurricanes fan Tyrone Banks learned an important lesson in business this week -- put everything in writing. In 2007, Banks, an enthusiastic fan of the NHL team, hit the studio to create an original song titled 'Carolina Hurricanes,' which he offered to the team as a promotional theme song.

Hurricanes' officials accepted Banks' song, and agreed to play it during games and commercials, in exchange for hooking up the Raleigh native with complimentary home game tickets. Not a bad deal for either party, until NHL officials decided to sue Banks for trademark infringement. The lawsuit alleges that Banks violated trademarks by referring to his tune as the "Official Carolina Hurricanes Song," and by wearing a Hurricanes jersey in promotional material for his song, both of which would suggest a relationship with the team.

Banks, clearly a fan of sports, decided that two could play this game and filed a counter-suit, requesting for payment for his work, which he says were used against his stipulations. Banks said that according to his requests, his song could be played during games only if his name, song title and record company were displayed also. Fans everywhere, take heed.