Captain Murphy (Flying Lotus' rap persona) has recruited Earl Sweatshirt, Viktor Vaughn (the alter ego of MF Doom), and Thundercat for a new song called 'Between Villains.'

The posse cut takes place over a subdued, haunting instrumental. Vaughn kicks off the song with the first verse with his gravely delivery, and is then followed by Earl. The song ends with a blistering verse from Captain Murphy, who drops lines like "Don't ask him where the pen go because the pencil got me paper" and follows that off with brilliant usage of consonance.

The timing of the release of 'Between Villains' is interesting, as earlier this week there was another song with three rappers on it that has attracted a lot of attention. However, in this scenario, there really isn't a show stealing moment from any of the three, and there shouldn't be; Doom, Earl, and Captain Murphy are all top-tier lyricists.

'Between Villains' will be available for free download Monday on the Adult Swim website. The following day, Earl will be releasing his latest album, 'Doris.' Listen to this track below.