The student union of Memorial University in St. Johns, Canada should probably get out of the concert promoting game. A member of the student union confirmed that their organization lost $100,000 on a Snoop Dogg concert they produced on Sept. 12.

A spokesman for the student union explained that they had hoped to sell out the 6,200 seat Mile One Arena, but were unable to fill even half the seats, selling only 2,500 tickets.

"There was another rap show that was playing for the week afterwards," the spokesman said. "A little bit of consumer confidence was lost after several shows were canceled by rappers over the summer, and those were all things that really affected us and we couldn't do anything about."

The event cost the student union over $300,000, only a third of the $1 million that University of Arizona students lost on their "Last Smash Platinum Bash" concert in April, which featured Jay-Z.