The people behind Love & Hip-Hop: New York and the UFC will be hearing from Cam'ron and his lawyer within the next 24-hours, because he said his image and his music were used without permission.

Earlier today (Nov. 15), the Dipset frontman took to Instagram, and the first thing he did was address the Love & Hip-Hop folks. According to Cam, they used him to promote the new season of the show, but contracts were never drawn up.

"Good evening, everyone," said Cam in a very calm and conversational tone. "I am not a cast member on Love & Hip-Hop. I did a scene for Juelz, cause he's on the show. I did a scene for JuJu, cause she's on the show. I should not be in anybody's commercials, especially when the paperwork isn't done. Obviously, these people haven't done business with me before, so they don't know how I get down, but tomorrow we'll take care of it."

Afterward, the UFC was the rapper's intended target, and he accused the organizers of using his song "Welcome to New York City" with Jay Z without consent.

"Second order of business is Dana White from the UFC," said the Harlem spitter. "You've been using my song all week to promote the Conner McGregor fight at Madison Square Garden. Once again, nobody reached out to me."

Cam continue, "It's nobody's fault, because this is the first time both of these companies are doing business with me, and somebody should've told them how I get down. We'll be reaching out tomorrow. Me and my lawyer."

So far there's been no word from the Love & Hip-Hop folks or Dana White about this.

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