Cam'ron discussed the recording process of "Salute," his reunion song with Jim Jones. "It wasn't no big story behind it," Cam explained. "He sent me the record, I did it. He went to Juelz's studio, I knocked it out. Jim comes by my crib where the studio at. We sit down for two, three hours, and we go in the basement and knock the songs out. I'm not gonna sit here and act like some spaceship landed or a boat docked. Jim comes by the house, we go in the basement, we smoke, do the song, that's it. We go back in another two, three days and do the same thing." Who says Cam's bored with rap. [RapFix]

New 'Jersey Shore' cast member Deena is fitting in with the guidos and guidettes perfectly. "People consider me a man-eater," Snooki's protege said. "I don't really like dating, though. Dates can be so awkward...I like to make out when I'm drunk. The most guys I've hooked up with in one night is probably three." That's awesome. [LifeandStyleMag]