Killa Cam is one of our favorite rap personalities. Having been absent from the game for a minute, we couldn't be more happy to see him back with a new album, 'Crime Pays,' which is in stores today. We got up with him to discuss the record, his relationship with Jim Jones, 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' and a variety of other, important issues. Killa.

The BoomBox
: So besides 'Crime Pays' what else do you have going on right now?

Cam: I got 'Killa Season 2' the movie, coming out in September, the soundtrack coming September, which will be featuring a bunch of artists on there. Then I'm tryna put out another album in December, so this year alone I'm a have two albums, a soundtrack and a movie.

The BoomBox
: What is 'Killa Season 2' about?

Cam: Most of it I shot in Chicago and Ohio, basically connecting from part one. I had a rival in there named Milk, I tried to kill him, it didn't work so we kinda going to war. It's basically like the movie 'Traffic.' You know? It's about trafficking drugs across America.

The BoomBox: So where you at right now, are you in New York or Florida?

Cam: No, I've been in New York for the past year, but I still go to Florida also. And Ohio and Chicago too.

The BoomBox: What's good with Ohio?

Cam: I had a couple clubs out in Ohio. I had a club in Columbus. Ohio's been real lucrative on the club side of things for me. And then Chicago, I just love Chicago so much because it's the same thing as New York, but the people are a little more friendlier, a little more, you know, homely. Cause you can say you live in a city but there's no city like New York and Chicago.

The BoomBox
: I heard you're working on a sitcom.

Cam: We haven't come up with a title for the sitcom, but it's basically like a black 'Curb Your Enthusiasm,' basically based upon the last year or two of my life. How my girl wanted me to go do an album with my mom and you know, I just want to sit around and sell weed basically, and make about $60.00 a week and be happy with it, cause I get a rush just from sellin' it. So we got a bunch of situations around it. It's real comical though, it isn't serious at all.

The BoomBox: So you're a fan of 'Curb.'

Cam: Oh, I'm a big fan. I'm a big Larry David fan and all...that's like the only person I want to meet in the world. Besides anybody, it's nobody else in the world I want to meet but Larry David.

The BoomBox
: That's awesome. The last season was great.

Cam: Oh, the Blacks. The Blacks.

The BoomBox: Amazing.

Cam: You watch that? You watch curb?

The BoomBox: Yeah, absolutely.

Cam: Yo, what you think man, 'cause there's a lot of discrepancy. Not to be racial or nothing, but do you think that he's gonna go with Vivica Fox, or do you think that he was just dreaming that?

The BoomBox: Oh, I think he'll go back to the first wife. Cheryl.

Cam: Yeah.

The BoomBox: But I liked it better with Vivica.

Cam: Yeah. She cursed whats her name, Suzy's white ass out in that. Jeff's wife.

The BoomBox: Exactly.

Cam: Yup.

The BoomBox: So what do you think about Jim Jones' career?

Cam: Yeah, it's great, it's great. I'm the one who told everybody that this would happen for him. There was times where Dame didn't even believe that he was gonna rap, so I think everything is great. I'm glad that I could foresee the future and he doing great, man. You know, that's a good guy, man. He works hard. Despite everything that's going on, he's a hard working man, and being with Dame, that's a good look for them.

The BoomBox: I feel like people are trying to make a big thing about the split, allegations about Juelz, Jim's publishing...

Cam: That's the media's job, to create controversy and anticipation for beef. But at the end of the day, Jim called me about, maybe, three or four days ago, you know what I'm saying? So, it isn' I said we not necessarily on the same page musically, but you know, we check in every once in while. And that's what it is, whatever the public think that's what the public can think, but I don't really do nothing phony, no fake s---, so when we see each other everything will always be all love.

The BoomBox: There's a lot of people that would like to see that Dipset reunion record...down the line.

Cam: You know, money make me move, man. So, they get the money together, maybe we can work something out.

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