One of the great perks of Cam'ron's recent resurgence is the return of some of his ridiculously over-the-top humorous antics. In the past, we've seen Killa Cam threaten 50 Cent in his boxers while on vacation, plan to remake a low-budget hood version of HBO's 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' and cover magazines with some of the best stink faces in the history of photography. Yesterday (May 9), a video surfaced of Cam on his way to do some casual shopping -- so casual in fact, he wore a bathrobe on the way to the mall.

The video shows Cam leaving Loews Hotel in Atlanta wearing his white hotel bathrobe, some dunks and a crisp, fitted Yankee hat. He walks into the valet area to some puzzled onlookers. He takes his car keys, drops the top to his Aston Martin convertible and then gets ready to drive off.

"I shop everyday," said Cam when asked why he isn't wearing any clothes by the person behind the camera. "I don't bring luggage when I go on trips, man. I just got a bag of money."