Cam'ron returns to action with two new songs, 'Let Me Work' and 'Duckin Onetime,' as he gets ready to drop a new mixtape within the next month.

'Let Me Work' is a posse cut collaboration with Ms. Hustle, Chris Miles, & Loaded Lux. Cam starts off the song, showcasing his charisma over the guitar riffs of the beat. He's up to his usual antics on this track: "It's acrobatic my flip with no spatula," he says. He is followed up by Ms. Hustle, who attacks the beat with vulgarity and recklessness. Loaded Lux goes next, the veteran battle rapper's smooth flow sounding at ease. The song is capped off with a blistering double-time attack from Chris Miles, who is rhyming like he has something to prove.

The second song finds Cam drop two verses over Mary J. Blige's 'My Life' instrumental. Sen City contributes on the song's hook, a rendition of Mary's version.

Both songs are expected to be included on 'Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1,' Cam's first mixtape after a lengthy hiatus. The project is set to be released October 1st.