Cam’ron, who already has his face on socks and manages a cape line, can now add custom emojis to his list of fun accessories.

In honor of the 10-year anniversary of his critically acclaimed album 'Purple Haze,' the Harlem rhymer teamed up with app designer Hi-Art to bring you 20 of Killa Cam’s greatest 'Purple Haze' moments in illustrated emojis.

The collection, which Mr. Giles himself help create, features his famous pink mink cellphone image and his famous "U Mad" phrase, which harkens back to Damon Dash and Cam’s legendary 2003 Bill O’Reilly interview. Other emojis include the Dipset leader's infamous catchphrases, such as "F--- Out Here," and an illustration of him wearing his Ebola mask accompanied by the words “Be Safe.”

Hip-hop emojis are becoming a trend for Hi-Art. They also debuted Ghostface Killah emojis in June.

You can download all 20 of Cam’ron's emojis for both iOS and Android phones.

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