In 2006, Cam'ron released 'Killa Season,' a CD/DVD that peaked in the Top Five. Since 2007, the Harlem rapper has been teasing that a follow-up is on the way. Thankfully, Vado -- Killa Cam's close associate -- has stepped-in and supplied us with a little update on the project.

"It's a classic, like part one," said Vado in a recent video interview with Mikey T. "Ain't nothing changed, man. Just a different chapter ... Ain't nothing changed. N----- just going hard."

'Killa Season 2' is rumored to be another full album with a film component. Vado says to look for a final release sometime this summer. With Killa's recent mixtape appearances on 'Boss of All Bosses 2' and a slew of recent tracks ready for a 'Boss of All Bosses 2.5,' the rapper has definitely been hot so far in 2010.

Vado continued, "We putting out classics, man. Classic street s---. Music overall world s---. It don't matter ... I think the summer [it's dropping]. He ain't gonna be having y'all wait too long."