In a recent YouTube video, Cam'ron answered the cries of angry fans waiting for his DJ Drama-helmed 'Boss of all Bosses 2' mixtape. The tape has been delayed numerous times, so Killa Cam picked up the phone and went directly to Drama for an explanation. What could the hold-up possibly be? Well, basically DJ Drama was busy getting money, of course.

"I see that, the n----- going crazy," said Drama in the video. "They're going crazy over that s---. They like they don't wanna wait another day. They've been ready, but I've been on the road getting money like crazy the last couple days, but you know I'm ready. I'm feeling like we can drop next week, top of the week, get it done and have everybody in a frenzy and all my Twiggas and in the streets, but really though, you can't rush perfection man!"

The tape is a sequel to the first 'Boss of all Bosses' -- another collaboration between Cam'ron and DJ Drama that dropped in August 2009. Last year marked a big return to the game for Cam with those tracks in addition to 'Crime Pays,' his first official record in three years. He, understandably, wants to stay hot, and seems pleased that fans are excited about 'Boss of all Bosses 2.'

"I understand completely," he said. "At the end of the day, I'ma keep it a hundred. I don't really Twitter like that. Vado done showed me some wild s--- on Twitter, so I'm like, n---- getting antsy. I told n----- Tuesday, so they say Tuesday. Or Monday, pardon me, I say Monday. N---- say Monday, they expect Monday. So at the end of the day, we looking like next Monday, Tuesday definite? You know what's good, when I tell n----- though, it's better that n----- want it instead of them saying they don't give a f--- when it's coming out. No homo."

Translation: look for the tape in the coming days.