Cam'ron ended his beef with 50 Cent and now he's ready to break bread in the kitchen with his new cooking show, Cookin’ With Cam’ron.

A first glimpse of the show comes by way of NOISEY. In the hilarious clip, Cam'ron explains that although he's a rapper first, interior decorating comes in second and his chef hat places third.

Although the show proves to be entertaining, Cam'ron's skills in the kitchen are no joke. In the video, he chefs up lamb chops, shell steak and shrimp scampi. As for the side dishes, Killa Cam goes with corn on the cob and asparagus. Apparently, shrimp scampi is the No. 1 request by friends though.

"I’m a scampi man," says Cam in the video.

Along with recipes, Cam gives viewers some other cooking tips, such as seasoning the pan along with the meat. He also had some words for fans who may be looking down on him for his skills with dicin' veggies.

"Yeah I dice, baby, sometimes you gotta man. You can't eat Chinese food every night," he says.

Cam joins a few other rappers who get busy in the kitchen, including Action Bronson, who hosts F--- That's Delicious and Snoop Dogg, who's set to premiere his own cooking show with with Martha Stewart dubbed Martha & Snoop's Dinner Party on VH1.

Check out the video above (Cam starts cooking around 9:50).