After announcing their collaboration in January, Cam'ron and A-Trak finally open the lid on the new project that everyone's talking about, 'Federal Reserve.' The Fool's Gold founder and Dipset rapper sit down with Complex to talk about the Damon Dash connection, their first meeting and how food and music make for a better recording process.

Cam'ron is known for being a stickler for first impressions and not the easiest person to get a hold of, even if it's an important matter. So when he was asked if he would have even hit the studio with A-Trak if Damon Dash, the executive producer of 'Federal Reseve,' the rapper gave a very honest answer.

"I’m type bipolar," he says. "My mood swings change, so sometimes I may want to do something, sometimes I may not, but being that A-Trak knew Dame, it was all good. To be honest, sometimes I get in my shell and I don’t want to do stuff, and sometimes I’m real active. After getting to know A-Trak, I’m really happy that I did do it. Now if he ever calls me direct, I’ll answer the phone."

This isn't the first time A-Trak has worked on a Dipset project. Plus he wants everyone to know that the music they're creating is not a "throwback project." Instead, the DJ and producer is bringing Cam's timeless rhymes to the forefront again.

"To me, Cam is forever relevant. People want to hear this now," A-Trak explains. "With the world that I’m in through Fool’s Gold, we’re very much plugged into the generation where all these scenes interact. Cam with Dipset was one of the first ones. He laid the blueprint for that model, where kids don’t only want to hear their music, kids want to rock the pink fur and post the picture on their Tumblr and live the whole lifestyle."

He continues, "For me it makes perfect sense, because this is the artist that wrote the book without realizing it a long time ago. Now everybody’s living through that model and they still want to hear it. It’s forever current, it’s forever relevant. That’s what I like to be involved with."

Music aside, we also learn that Cam'ron has many other talents including whipping up a batch of his "Killa shrimp." "It’s a secret," he answers when asked about his recipes. "I can’t really reveal what I put in my seasoning. I might bottle that up and sell it soon. I’ll let you know when it’s time to reveal my secret. It wasn’t always food, but I always did my thing around the kitchen. I can’t wait to put that on my resume. I’m a caterer, interior decorator -- a lot of hobbies people don’t know I do."

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