Camp Lo rapper Sonny Cheeba was in a serious car accident in Charlotte, North Carolina, this past weekend.

Cheeba was en route to a sound check in preparation for a performance at the Buckhead Saloon, when he got into the collision, which totaled his Dodge Charger. Both Cheeba and rapper Herron, who is featured on Camp Lo's forthcoming album, were immediately rushed to a local hospital.

"Camp Lo's midnight performance started as scheduled, with Geechi Suede who arrived at the venue without knowledge of his partner Cheeba's accident, doing 'Swing' solo." the group said in a statement, following the accident.

"The crowd who was later informed of the accident was amazed when Sonny Cheeba appeared on stage mid-set to join Suede for 'Black Nostaljack' and 'Luchini', which both tore the roof off of the packed Buckhead Saloon. Rapper Herron appeared on stage as well and was not injured in the accident."

Camp Lo's new album, 'Stone & Rob: Caught on Tape' hits stores March 24.