Speeding cars, plenty of guns and an epic showdown in the middle of the desert. Sounds like a Quentin Tarantino film, right? Well, it's actually the video for Big Sean and  Calvin Harris' song 'Open Wide.'

Two rival crews speed towards a meeting place in the desert, where they'll apparently meet their fate in a blazing shootout. A pretty blonde comes sauntering by, standing directly in between the rivaling groups and it's clear she's got some ballerina moves to showcase. As bullets fly, she breaks out into her graceful glides to avoid being hit, providing an artistic twist to a video that would have otherwise been pretty violent.

Neither Big Sean or Harris are involved in the melee, as the Detroit rapper performs in a different location, spitting rhymes centered on a difficult relationship. But he does get caught in the crossfire towards the end of the video.

"Looking at your last text, damn, did you even really mean it? / Did you even look through it, did you even read it / I've been breaking up with girls ever since I was 15 / It's the only thing that hasn't gotten easier / A rubber is the only thing that came between us," he rhymes over a mid-tempo keyboard-driven track.

'Open Wide' appears on Harris' 'Motion' album, due Nov. 4.

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