Busta Rhymes just got busted. A woman named Devin Cooper recently filed a $250,000 lawsuit against the New York rapper, claiming that a hot-tempered Bus-A-Bus threw a glass at her while they were dining at Mr. Chow's restaurant in Beverly Hills, Calif.

According to the suit, Cooper and a friend were seated at a table next to Busta and his female companion when his lady started in with Cooper about her chair being too close to their table. After Cooper repositioned her chair to pacify the woman, she wouldn't let it go, prompting Busta to start shouting at Cooper.

The 'Arab Money' rapper then proceeded to pick up a glass from the table and hurl it in her direction. Though the glass missed her face by 'inches,' Cooper is seeking the lump sum for assault and battery.

Busta was also sued just last week for a track he recorded with his former group Leaders of the New School. Drive-In Music Company filed a copyright infringement suit against the rappers for illegally sampling a track to which they own the copyright on their 1991 debut.

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