Busta Rhymes is officially back on that B.S., and his hometown fans waited over three hours to see the return of the MC at New York's Santo's Party House last night. And it was well worth the wait. Busta and his ubiquitous hypeman Spliff Star took the stage and announced the running theme of the night, "If you ain't back on ya bulls--- you ain't on no s---." And it's an appropriate theme considering the veteran MC's eighth solo album, 'Back on My B.S.,' is in stores today.

Known as one of the livest and most animated rappers, Busta got the party started with the club banger 'Party Is Goin' on Over Here' before cuing up the music for 'Ante Up'. M.O.P. rushed the stage as the crowd, appropriately responded to one of the toughest remixes from the hardcore duo. The night progressed with a few more guest appearances. Jadakiss joined Busta on stage for the 'B.O.M.B.' single 'Respect My Conglomerate.' Ron Browz joined Busta, Spliff and a host of unknown people when he hopped on stage for 'Arab Money.'

The rapper shared some "new s---" with his fans during the nearly 90 minute set, including the Browz-produced 'Give Em What They Askin For' and 'Imma Go & Get My,' featuring comedian Mike Epps. Stopping to catch his breath, wipe sweat and give mini-'Behind the Music' like speeches, Busta kept the crowd engaged as he shared his inspiration for certain tracks.

The veteran, who's had his fair share of legal drama and bad publicity, discussed the making of 'Decisions,' a track dedicated to his late bodyguard Israel Ramirez. The 29-year-old was shot and killed on the set of the video for the 'Touch It' remix in 2006. According to the rapper, artist after artist jumped on the track upon hearing it. The result? Mary J. Blige, John Legend, Jamie Foxx and Common are all featured on the soulful and personal song.

Busta wrapped up the show, which was sponsored by MySpace and Adidas, by running through hits from the mid '90s. He launched into 'Woohaa' and ran through 'Fired Up' and 'Touch It' before closing out with the hometown fav, 'Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See.'