The hype around Busta Rhymes' 'E.L.E. 2 (Extinction Level Event 2)' has died down after months of no news regarding the sequel. The rapper is still keeping himself busy, however.

The Brooklyn, N.Y.-bred rhymer hops on yet another remix. Future's 'Move That Dope' now comes with Rhymes' machine gun-like delivery. Like the 'Partition' remix that came before this, Rhymes serves lyrics with his trademark fluidity as he weaves through the odd burps of the instrumental. Conglomerate artist OT Genasis makes an appearance on the remix as well.

Azealia Banks, co-collaborator on the 'Partition' remix, tweeted that she and Rhymes have another collaboration in the works. There hasn't been any further word on what's going on with that -- Banks even deleted the original tweet. There's no extra news on 'E.L.E. 2' either.

Listen to Busta Rhymes' 'Move That Dope' Remix Feat. OT Genasis