Busta Rhymes commented on the Dream Team his new group with Diddy, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Fabolous, Red Cafe and, of course, DJ Khaled recently. "Everybody that's been carefully handpicked to be a part of the Dream Team, it's because they have contributed a significant level of greatness to the hip-hop culture overall," Busta said. "Not just being a dope MC or being a dope performer, you consist of all the elements that make you a package: You can perform, you got catalog, your bars is right. Your videos is right, your swag is right. Your willingness to be a part of something great that's bigger than you is at an all-time high and we can read that in your energy and your spirit." Yeah, DJ Khaled really contributes. His bars is crazy right. [MTV]

When Donald Glover isn't running for Spider Man, he's gunning for Justin Bieber. "Me and [Justin Bieber] have fighting words coming. He took my spot. I had that demographic. I had the young, Canadian girls going aflutter and then suddenly Justin Bieber comes and takes it. It's fine. I'm getting it back," said the actor/comedian. Go for it G. [MoviesBlog]