Busta Rhymes was scheduled to take the stage in a rare appearance at London's Coronet on Dec. 7, but the rapper has been blocked from entering the U.K. Busta was forced to cancel the gig after his temporary visa was denied, leaving promoters scrambling to try to bring Bus-A-Bus back for a make up concert in spring 2011.

Busta previously hit a snafu in trying to get to the U.K. for a gig back in September 2008, when he flew to London and was subsequently held at the airport upon arrival. Immigration officials barred his entry, claiming he had "unresolved convictions" in America and deferred him to Amsterdam. He eventually made the performance the next night after the incident was cleared up.

Most recently, the 38-year-old rapper was sued for $250,000 by a woman claiming that he threw a glass at her while dining in a restaurant in Beverly Hills, Calif. He was also sued for a track he recorded back in the day with Leaders of the New School after Drive-In Music Company filed a copyright infringement suit against the rappers for illegally sampling a track in 1991.

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