Busta Rhymes' past is coming back to haunt him. The "Break Ya Neck" rapper appears in security footage detailing an incident in which he attacked a gym employee in New York over the summer.

The Brooklyn native is shown throwing hands at Ole Hernandez, who works at Steel Gym in the Chelsea area. The video of the alleged assault, which happened in August, surfaced on Tuesday (Nov. 17).

The visual shows a heated verbal exchange between Hernandez and Busta because the latter was upset he wasn't allowed inside the location without owner Ken Hunt's permission. The chaos begins when the 43-year-old artist throws water at Hernandez. Rather than just sit back and take the disrespectful act, Hernandez chooses to throw water back at the MC. The infuriates Busta so he throws a protein shake, knocks over a computer screen and pretty much everything else that was on the desk in between them.

According to Page Six, who interviewed Hernandez, Busta first became irate after he told him that his cameraman couldn't come inside of the gym.

“You don’t know who I am! I’m Busta Rhymes!” the rapper said, according to Hernandez. “I’m the real n–----! You’re a f------ f----, you are a p----! You are a Mexican crossing the border to come to this country, I will f--- you up.”

But the assault didn't happen until the next day when Busta tried to get in the gym for his workout and Hernandez told him that he had to speak with Hunt in order to do so.

Hernandez claims he had to go to the hospital after Busta's security threw him into an office door. He was treated for swelling and scratches on his head. Hernandez filed assault charges against The Coming creator, who was arrested and charged with second-degree assault. Despite assaulting Hernandez, Busta was able to get a deal with prosecutors. He plead guilty to a violation charge of harassment and agreed to take anger management classes.

Watch Busta attack the gym employee in New York above.

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