"First of all, let me say I've never set out to be a solo artist, so doing a solo album was not a natural process for me," Bun B told the BoomBox during a taping of an exclusive 16 Bars freestyle segment in our New York studio. Pimp C's death has transformed UGK from a duo to a one man show, and the 34-year-old rapper is still dealing with the lost of his friend.

"It's definitely not an easy road to walk," the rapper explained. "I know that he's in heaven, that he's in a better place and I'm going to get to see him again, and that in itself helps me."

Now that he's on his own, the 34-year-old rapper realizes that his upcoming solo project, 'II Trill,' which is due in stores on April 29, will serve as his way of keeping UGK alive.

"During the time of Pimp C's incarceration, ['Trill'] was the best way that I knew to keep the UGK name and the UGK legacy alive and to keep us out there. With this solo album, [I] understand that [I] have a solo career now," Bun said. "It's different with 'II Trill' because, with 'Trill,' it was absolute new ground. I myself had never done anything like that, so I was a little bit nervous and apprehensive at certain parts as to how this s--- was going to come across. With 'II Trill,' we know we can do it, it's just a matter of doing it better than we did before."