Bun BBun B is one of the numerous celebrities participating in the annual Gumball 3000 International Road Rally, which is scheduled to cover 3000 miles across Europe and North America in eight days. And although the rally has gained a reputation for showcasing exotic cars, instead of focusing on speed racing, the Texas-born rapper managed to injure himself in an unlikely situation this past week.

In a statement, Bun B explained that he did some damage to himself during a pit stop in Stockholm, Sweden. "We were all going on stage and it got kind of crowded. Someone fell onto me and I ended up falling off the stage and I split my knee open and sprained my ligaments in my right arm," Bun wrote. "The problem was the injury happened at 4:30AM and we had to get on the bus at 8AM to catch the plane to America. If I had gone to the hospital I would have missed the flight so someone gave me Extra Strength Excedrin."

Despite his injuries, however, Bun says that he's hesitant to seek medical treatment for fear of being disqualified from the rally. "The is the 4th day since the injury and I still haven't gone to a doctor. I can't afford to miss the Gumball," he said.

Participants will complete the final leg of the 3,000 mile race between Niagara Falls and New York City, this week.