Bun B reacts to all who question whether 'Trill OG' should have received five mics from the Source magazine -- or whether the honor actually means anything nowadays -- by spitting over Rick Ross' 'B.M.F.' Bun pays homage to the fallen soldiers Pimp C, Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac while shouting out Big Meech and Larry Hoover (of course). "These motherf---ers mad they five mic'd me/ Hatin' so bad make 'em wanna come and fight me," Bun raps over Ross' song/Lex Luger's beat. Continuing to address haters, Bun adds, ''I get the five mics you say the Source ain't s---/ If your favorite would've won would you have said the same s---." Point taken. Some were surprised by the Source's rating, but we acknowledged that 'Trill OG' was an "investment" back in June.

Listen to the track here