If he ever gets tired of the whole retro soul-man look, Bruno Mars might consider kicking it vampire-style. He could even keep the Ray Bans.

On his brand new single, 'It Will Rain,' released today and slated to appear on the soundtrack for 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 1,' the Hawaiian-born showman embraces the melodramatic spirit of author Stephenie Meyer's mega-popular fantasy series.

Mars opens the ballad with a line straight out of an angsty teen's mash note -- "If you ever leave me, babe/ leave some morphine at my door" -- and from there, he ratchets up the emotion, channeling Michael Jackson over a lush string accompaniment.

"There'll be no sunlight, if I lose you, baby," he sings on the hook.

In real life, the 'Grenade' singer is hardly dwelling in darkness. Time magazine named him one of this year's most influential people, and back in February, he nabbed a Grammy for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance, one of seven awards he was up for.

He's got the pop audience on lock, and now that he's adding Twihards to the mix, it might take garlic, holy water or a really sharp stake to end his musical supremacy.

Listen to Bruno Mars' 'It Will Rain'

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