Brownsville Ka has unleashed a video for 'Off The Record,' a song off his new album 'The Night's Gambit.'

The video's concept centers on the theme of paying tribute to the past in order to create new art. Ka, who also directed and edited the visual, is shown going through old hip-hop records, including classics like Nas' 'Illmatic' and Dr. Dre's 'The Chronic.' Each album gets uncovered as Ka references it in the verse itself.

The video ends by panning onto a notebook, ostensibly Ka's, and then a record player. The vocal sample at the end says, "He really aspired to do something gorgeous. So, it makes you feel like maybe you too could add something that lasts and be beautiful."

This is what Ka embodies: the gritty throwback sound of 90s New York City hip-hop with his own gravelly monotone delivery and smooth flow. The Brownsville native stands out amidst the divergent styles of 2013.

'The Night's Gambit' is a follow-up to last year's album, 'Grief Pedigree.' Before it hits iTunes this week, Ka is selling copies of the new album on CD and vinyl at 406 6th Avenue on Saturday. For those unfamiliar with New York City's hip-hop legacy, that was the location of the Fat Beats record store before it shut down in 2010.

Much like the video for 'Off The Record,' Ka is paying homage while moving the culture forward.