Detroit-based performer Brilliance has released the video to accompany his new single, "Where Did I Go?" produced by Detroit music veterans Jared Lee Gosselin and Jeff Bass.

Brilliance said that his new sound is a combination of several different influences.

"'Where Did I Go?' is an energetic record, with a new sound combining multiple elements from my musical influences, including hip-hop, dubstep, techno and more," he tells The BoomBox. "It's sure to set the clubs on fire, get the dance floor jumping and, most importantly, create an unforgettable party experience."

The video chronicles Brilliance's adventures of a debauchery-filled night, during which he blacks out and doesn't remember exactly what happened the night before when he awakes.

Check out the blurry, recalled club experience that Brilliance happily (and drunkenly) stumbles through with his friends.

Watch Brilliance's "Where Did I Go?" Video


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