October means crisp fall weather and Brandy's return to form with her sixth album, Two Eleven. The Los Angeles native reveals the tracklisting for the new effort, which debuts Oct. 16. With a standard and deluxe version available, supporters of the R&B songbird may have a hard time choosing which one to purchase.

The Chris Brown-assisted single "Put It Down" finds its way on the project, however, there are no other featured collaborators listed. But don't fret, there are a wealth of songwriters and producers who joined to create an R&B-centric LP.

Frank Ocean penned "Scared of Beautiful," Brown and Sevyn worked together to create the jam "Slower" while Sean Garrett and Tha Bizness are responsible for "Wildest Dreams." Rico Love, Jim Jonsin and Mario Winans, among others, also lend their incredible talents to the opus.

Check out the songs comprising Two Eleven below.

Two Eleven Tracklisting

1. "Interlude 1"

2. "Wildest Dreams"

3. "So Sick"

4. "Slower"

5. "No Such Thing As Too Late"

6. "Let Me Go"

7. "Without You"

8. "Put It Down" feat. Chris Brown

9. "Hardly Breathing"

10. "Do You Know What You Have?"

11. "Scared of Beautiful"

12. "Wish Your Love Away"

13. "Paint This House"

14. "Interlude 2"

Deluxe Edition

15. "Can You Hear Me Now?"

16. "Music"

17. "What You Need"

18. "Nodding Off"

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Watch "Brandy & Chris Brown 'Put It Down'"

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