Brandy and Ray JBrandy and Ray J's VH1 reality series 'A Family Business' has attracted the attention of Atlanta rapper Danyelle "C-Dove" Brown, who says that he is the estranged son of the siblings' father William Norwood.

Brown claims that he has made several attempts to reach out to the Norwood family and connect with his biological father, but has failed to receive a response. The aspiring ATL rapper recently created a YouTube web series titled 'Family Unfinished Business,' challenging Willie Norwood to take a paternity test and move forward with their relationship. "I decided to come out because I was tired of getting slapped in the face, seeing my father, seeing my bother and sister, wanting to have a relationship with them," Brown says in one video installment. "It's time for closure."

The father of three explained that after watching 'A Family Business' he was disappointed to see rapper Snoop Dogg introduced as a "brother figure" on the show, while he has not been given that chance. "What I'm doing is standing up for a lot of people out there who don't have a father," Brown said. "It's still people 40-years-old looking for their father so can't nobody blame me for what I'm doing."

Brown has admitted to meeting Ray J in the past, but says that he has not had the chance to become a part of the family. Check out C-Dove's video footage after the jump.