Brandy embraces her sexy side on "Put It Down," the first single from her forthcoming album, Two Eleven, her debut project on RCA/Chameleon Records. Chris Brown shows up on the Bangladesh-produced, Sean Garrett-penned effort, delivering a hip-hop-inspired verse.

"It's called 'Put It Down,' but I like to call it 'Fall in Love,'" Brandy tells The BoomBox. "But no one else likes that title. It's so new and so fresh. It's just a different vibe. It's R&B meets hip-hop and it's edgy and gritty, but it's about love, which is something we all want to experience and stay in love. I want to stay in love."

"I'ma put it down, you gon' fall in love," a sped-up voice chants on the record before Brandy croons words like "Your talking is so tough, damn I love it all/ Even when you flex, that's what turns me on/ Ooh, you know you make me weak, just 'cause the way you are/ 'Cause everybody in here know that you're a star."

She lets the guy who's caught her eye know she's got the "sweetest heart" before Breezy lets loose on the mic. "Ain't nobody put it down like me though/ Why you playin' girl you know/ With all this money and all your cake, girl you better stop I gotta big ego/ Sippin' on that Brandy, that liquor comes in handy/ And girl I know you fancy, but this party I'm financing," he rhymes.

Two Eleven is set for a June release. The singer spoke about her new music as well as the triumphs and tribulations of her career in VH1's "Behind the Music." Watch below.

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Watch Brandy's "Behind the Music"

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