Brandy's always been known for her smooth singing abilities and she's even come into the spotlight as a rapper, rhyming the spoken word under the name Bran'Nu. In 2009, the songstress appeared on producer Timbaland's Shock Value II LP, where she rapped on the song "Meet in tha Middle." Now she's shining light on her lyrical skills, which to her, best her fellow singing-turned-rapping cohort Chris Brown.

The 33-year-old, whose sixth studio album, Two Eleven, debuts Oct. 2, visited Philadelphia's Hot 107.9, where she admitted she would "body" Brown in a rap battle. The R&B crooner, who has showcased his own rhyming talents on tracks like "Look at me Now," collaborated with Brandy on "Put It Down," a song featured on her forthcoming album.

Watch Brandy talk about taking CB down in a hip-hop cypher here.

Watch "Chris Brown On Brandy's New Single"

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