Over the past year, Bow Wow's biggest hits have been through the media rather than on the radio. The emotional artist has been using his Twitter account and various interviews to vent against people that have wronged him, while also revealing suicidal thoughts and even making a few select threats at those who he feels have slandered his image. In a recent interview, he took on the subject of respect, saying he deserves proper credit for his veteran status and should be considered one of the most successful in the game.

"I feel like a lot of dudes who get recognition in the game, I've been doing it longer than them and I think people are stuck in the right now, that they forget about the past and that's one thing that I don't do," Bow Wow explained. "That's a discredit to somebody's past and especially their numbers, because like [Jay-Z] said: 'They don't lie, stats don't lie.' I just get tired of that sometimes, when you work so hard and you're passionate about what you do, you want to get acknowledged for it."

Bow Wow went on to use some of those stats to his advantage. He claims that he should be compared to both Eminem and Jay-Z because he is the only other hip-hop artist to sell out Madison Square Garden five times.

"Other than Eminem and Jay-Z, I can't tell you another rapper who has sold out Madison Square Garden five times, besides me! I'm in that bracket, but people won't say that because they are so caught up with the past and Lil' Bow Wow and are not focused on the current."

Bow Wow has even taken this sentiment on the road with him. Last week, he wrapped his month-long European tour, which he called the Underrated tour. But things are looking to turn around for Bow Weezy, as the rapper recently signed with Cash Money.

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