Since announcing a new record deal with Cash Money Records, rapper Bow Wow hit the ground running, releasing a candid new song. On his latest, 'Regrets,' the 22-year-old talks about some of his bad decisions, and why he left his previous label.

"I can't lie man its some stuff that I regret/ Like letting my fans down and cheating on my ex right/ but I'm young so what?/ Yeah I'mma make mistakes/ And besides nobody's perfect any f---in' way," he raps. "I swear to God man the press be all on me/ Oscar Meyer bloggers everything they write's bologna/ and when I feel like I got the whole world on me/ got all the money in the world but yet I'm still lonely/ and why the f--- my best friend had to steal from me/ Couldn't keep it real so for that I had to leave Sony/ Sometimes I wanna' quit rap like 'I'm through with it'/ Why I don't get my respect?"

Bow goes on to address an infamous altercation with an interviewer, in which he became livid over some of the questions that he was asked. "When I did that show with Omarion, man I was losing it/ I'm on BET acting a a--hole, fighting with the interviewers man why I do that fo'/I can't lie I was drugged out sippin' syrup smokin' weed..s--- had me bugged out."

Amid his critics and fans questioning his move to Cash Money records, the Ohio-native also blogged about why he decided to forgo retirement and sign with the label. "On Sunday evening I announced my new recording deal with Cash Money Records," he wrote. "The response was HUGE...with both positive, negative and even confused comments. To the fans who've been there since day one...I LOVE Y'ALL. To the naysayers, I hope that you give me the opportunity to earn your respect. When I said earlier this year that I may be retiring from hip-hop, I was serious. I really thought it may be time to move in a different direction and change focus.

"Last year, Wayne and I spent 2 months together in New Orleans filming 'Hurricane Season.' So please don't be misinformed and think I'm just jumpin' on 'what's hot' or trying to ride others success. This has been my extended family for more than a decade. I'm ready to go to work and I don't care if it's hard; I'll put the time in...I WANT TO BE THE BEST!!! The last 10 years have been an AMAZING let's make the next 10 even better!!!"