It looks like rapper Bow Wow has a not so innocent crush on former model turned talk show host Tyra Banks. The 22-year-old shot an upcoming episode on Banks'show, which will air later next week, and according to reports, Bow was extra flirtatious.

Despite over a 10-year age difference between the two, Banks played in to Bow's quips, even sharing a friendly smooch on the lips. "Ok ok. I've heard all ur comments about BOW WOW's crush on me," Banks tweeted last week. "I've met him b4, he never said he had a crush."

Bow Wow took to his Twitter page to speak on their kiss, and apologized for the info "leaking" to the Internet. "The pic of me on tyra's show got out! [It] was post to be a surprise. I won't talk [a]bout it or post pic. Made a promise to her I [wouldn't] 'til Sept 7th"

The Ohio native first appeared on Banks' show in 2007 while promoting his 'Face Off' album with singer Omarion.

For her fifth season, Banks is amping up the anticipation for the show's premiere. Now airing on the CW (which also airs Banks' show 'America's Top Model') kicks off September 8 where the wig-wearing beauty will debut her natural hair.