Bow WowHow's this for a recession story? In an upcoming movie entitled 'Lottery Ticket,' Bow Wow, playing a character named Kevin Carson, somehow wins the lottery and pulls in a healthy $350 million. While this may sound amazing, this is a movie, so it doesn't go quite as expected. The film features Ice Cube, T-Pain, Brandon T. Jackson (who played alongside Bow Wow in 'Roll Bounce') and Naturi Naughton as co-stars and is set to hit U.S. theaters on August 20.

According to reports, Carson is ecstatic after winning the loot (who wouldn't be?), but is unable to get the cash for his ticket right away because it's Independence Day weekend. He lives in the hood, so expect some serious comedy to come from all the neighbors begging and manipulating for a cut of the dough.

"Hand over that ticket," demands a surly character in the trailer as people gather around. Bow Wow responds, "You gonna have to take my ticket, dawg," then promptly gets a Deebo-from-'Friday' knockout in the project yard. It looks like there will also be some baby mama drama, fake seduction and people claiming they really, really love Bow Wow's mom -- all the makings of a fun summer comedy.

The film, reportedly shot in Atlanta, was directed by Erik White and will be distributed by Warner Bros. You can check out the trailer below.