He once went by the moniker Lil Bow Wow, but after dropping the Lil from his name a few years back its obvious that the 23-year-old rapper is ready to prove he's all grown up. With added profanities and stories of escapades with various women in his lyrics, it's evident Bow Wow is showing his fans another side of him.

In a bold step to emulate the message of one of hip-hop's greatest rappers, Bow Wow has created his own version of the Tupac classic 'I Get Around' -- a song slated for Bow Wow's 'Greenlight 3' mixtape.

On the track Bow Wow starts by talking about how he and his boys often debate over who gets the most women. He then plays a voicemail from a female friend who says she misses him and then proceeds to talk about various experiences with a host of women in different cities.

There's been talk that Bow Wow's release of 'I Get Around' is aimed at Kat Stacks, the Internet phenomenon known for her video blogs about sexual episodes with various rappers. She recently took shots at Bow Wow via Twitter and her video blog revealing alleged details of a past sexual relationship with him. Bow Wow also mentions Kat Stack's name in the song which creates further speculation that the song is directed at her.

Hear Bow Wow's version of 'I Get Around' after the jump.