Bow Wow defended himself against former B2K member Raz-B's allegations that he was in a gay relationship with a B2K member when he was younger. "I don't know Raz at all. The only thing that I was ever affiliated with him was by the 'Scream' tour. But all that funny s--t he poppin' needs to be left over there. I'm over here just trying to do me," Bow Wow said in a recent interview. "I get way too much play for him to be saying that stupid s--t. It's weak, period. Why every time I try to stay out of s--t n--gas be putting my name in their mouth. I don't know what they got going on over there. I always heard s--t but I was just as shocked as everyone else when everything came out. Basically, don't drag my name in nothing. Raz can't even contact me because they don't have my numbers. See, I don't want to talk to him or waste my time." See? He doesn't know Raz, talk to him or waste his time, plus he gets wayyy too much play, how could Bow Wow be gay? [HipHopWired]

Jennifer Lopez is anticipating about fifteen or twenty "real superstars" to come from this next season of 'American Idol' contestants. "We are confident that we have, I would say, fifteen to twenty real superstars, I think. Really, really good people," Lopez said. "That's a big word to use, but definitely people with a lot of talent who could be recording artists for sure." Glad she's starting off her new gig with realistic goals. [MTV]