Bow WowCash Money rapper Bow Wow is a Twitter fanatic, but there's one person he doesn't want on the social networking site: his mom.

"Making my mother delete her Twitter account NOW," Bow tweeted after his mother, Teresa Caldwell, made a comment about how cute her ex-boyfriend was. Caldwell also posted a few comments on relationships before responding to her 22-year-old son. "Bow u should never try to stop a person from saying inspirational words," she wrote. "God want[s] us to spread his words and help each other."

Fed up when she would not comply, Bow decided to call in the big guns. "Delete your account or I'm deleting mine, and my fans are going to be mad at you," he threatened. Clearly, his demands fell on deaf ears because his account is still very much in full effect.

This isn't the first time Bow has used his Twitter account to address one of his parents. Last year he wrote a scathing message to his father. "As bad as I wanna say FU -- my pops, I'm not [going to] think negatively, " he wrote. "So happy pop's day to all [the] fathers out there. Mine is [probably] drunk [some where]."

Despite their playful banter we're sure the two still maintain a close relationship, even if Bow has to monitor his mom's Twitter page from now on.